Educational Activities

 Summer laboratory courses for undergraduate students of the School of Science, Nagoya University, are held every summer. In addition to this, marine biology courses for undergraduate students of other colleges or universities will also be offered during the summer or spring vacations. In these laboratories, students will collect and sketch several marine organisms from the incredibly rich fauna and flora on the shores of Sugashima Island. They will design and carry out their original experiments to solve questions which are made by themselves.Our facilities and accommodation are useful for scientists interested in development, taxonomy, ethology, geology etc. In order to accommodate the increasing number of students studying biological sciences and to support their academic pursuits, this laboratory inaugurated a new research building of 675m2 in April 1996.

 In order to encourage research in marine organisms and to support a wide range of studies, we are opening the door not only for students of Nagoya University but also for students of other universities and colleges, and for citizens as much as possible. For the purpose of intensive study in a quiet place, they are allowed to use these facilities. We are also willing to accept a tour to the Sugashima Marine Biological Laboratory and a short laboratory course for high school students.