To use our facilities

Those who intend to use our facilities are requested to contact including an outline of your research as well as the space and equipment required. If you plan to bring special equipment or send a parcel, please let us know. Since the laboratory is located on a small island, possible inconvenience should be considered. If frozen or chilled samples arrive at the harbor or delivery station during a holiday, we will not take any responsibility for possible damage. It is convenient to use the form for e-mail/FAX below. If you send the application with e-mail, please fill it out and send

application for reserch facilities


Costs for Accommodation, meals and use (After July 1st, 2018):

You should bring what you need for research and daily life, because there is no shop and no vending machine around this laboratory. Researchers and students are provided meals and accommodation on request. The price is as follows.

[Use]500 JPY per one day
(regardless of accommodation)
[Meal]Breakfast, 300 JPY; Lunch, 450 JPY; Dinner, 450 JPY

On Weekends and holidays, meal service is not available. If you stay in this laboratory for a long period, you are allowed to reserve and use your own room.

Meal order and cancellation are requested 2 days before use. Remittance should be made by bank transfer after use.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Access to Sugashima

Take a Limited Express train of Kintetsu line from Nagoya station bound for Toba or Kashikojima. After getting off at Toba sta., please change to a local line and get off at Nakanogo sta., which is the next station to Toba sta. You can also come to Nakanogo sta. on foot along the sea side. It is about 1km from Toba sta. to Nakanogo sta. If you use Limited Express, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. If you use an Express line takes 2 hours (see the homepage of Kintetsu line for further information).You can also came to Toba through JR line from Nagoya sta. From Kansai region, there are Kintetsu line Limited Express trains bound for Toba from Namba (Tsuruhashi) sta. or from Kyoto sta. without any change line.It takes about two hours to Toba sta. If you will come from Kanto region, you can use Ise-Bay Ferry Boat from Irago (it takes about 55 minutes). The staying sites of our laboratory boats (Aster and Frontier) in Nakanogo are illustrated in a map attached below. Please note that the staying position of the boat could be changed depending on the conditions. From Monday to Friday, our boat leaves at 8:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. Only on Monday and Friday, the boat starts also at 4:00 p.m. Please contact us for using our ships. We can provide an extra service for cruising upon request. You can also use a municipal ferryboat. Since the ferryboat harbor on Sugashima island is located at the opposite side of the island to this Laboratory, it takes 1 h on foot. Since you have to pass an unpaved path, and also since mobile phone service is not available in these areas, we would not recommend to select this way, in particular for strangers. If you take this way to come to this laboratory, please let us know, in advance.

Adress:429-63,Sugashima, Toba, Mie,Prefecture 517-0004, Japan