Sugashima Marine Biological Laboratory was founded in 1939, as a facility attached to the School of Medicine, Nagoya Imperial University. Then, this facility was attached to the newly founded School of Science in 1942. Renovation was carried out in 1971. Then, a new building (Research Building 2) was built In 1996. This facility is open not only for marine biologists but also for all fields of researchers and students for doing research or seminar. Summer and Spring Courses for Marine Biology are also available for the undergraduate students of the Division of Biological Sciences in this university. In addition, Marine Biology Course for undergraduate students of the universities other than Nagoya University, and also for Senior High-School students are also available.

 The first director was Dr. Masao Sugiyama, who endeavored to found this facility very much. Afterwards, Drs. Hidemi Sato, Hiroshi Hayashi, Hitoshi Sawada, Gohta Goshima succeeded to manage this facility. In this marine biological laboratory, biological studies on fertilization and early development in marine invertebrates, such as sea urchins and ascidians, have been carried out.
 Currently, we are aiming to establish a research center that covers everything from ecology to molecules.

Sugasima island prior to the establishment of Sugashima MBL.


A photo taken in 1940 after the foundation of Sugashima MBL.


A group photo of the attendee to the first Marine Biology Class in 1942.


A group photo of the attendee to the second Marine Biology Class in 1943.
Center of the back row is the first Director Masao Sugiyama, and the center of the front row is Eizo Nakano, who became a Professor of the laboratory II of Zoology in School of Science, Nagoya University.


View of the old building of Sugashima MBL.


The old building was renovated in 1971.


An aerial photo of Sugashima MBL. There is a quarry behind the laboratory, and green trees and leaves are surviving only around the laboratory.


Current view of Sugashima MBL.


A memorial ceremony for the 70th Anniversary of Sugashima MBL was held in Dec.12, 2009.