Admissions to Nagoya university

Biological science department admissions

Persons Sought by the Department of Biological Science

The Department of Biological Science, seeks persons with an unflagging interest in the mystery, beauty, and artfulness of biological phenomena. We are looking for applicants with energy and creativity who are eager for the challenge of locating and clarifying scientific truths.


Educational Objectives

In its Doctoral Program (Initial Two-Year Program), the Department of Biological Science aims to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for understanding the forefront of life sciences and at the same time carrying out research in their specialized field of study. Its goal is to nurture logical thought and creativity, in the process of which students will gain an independent and responsible attitude toward research. In the Doctoral Program (Final Three-Year Program), students will acquire the ability to design and execute their own original research.

This Program fosters researchers who can make a social contribution through the advancement of life sciences. Furthermore, it cultivates talented people who will make the most of their scientific training to take a leading role in various areas of society.


Doctoral Program (Initial Program Two-Year Program) Entrance Exam.

In order to accept a range of diverse and talented students, and aiming to invigorate the graduate school, an oral examination (Entrance Exam A) will be held to select Doctoral Program (Initial Two-Year Program) candidates from outside the Nagoya University School of Science Department of Biological Science. Applicants who are not part of the School of Science Department of Biological Science may take either Entrance Exam A or Entrance Exam B (selection by written examination and oral examination), or both.

Entrance Exam B tests for the undergraduate-level scholarly ability in specialized subjects and logical thinking necessary for education after enrollment. Applicants will also be tested on their understanding of English-language materials and their ability to use basic expressions.

Knowledge of and techniques used in physics and chemistry, as well as life science, are also important in the research of this Department; we therefore welcome students who take an interest in these broad fields.


Doctoral Program (Final Three-Year Program) Entrance Exam

Applicants are required to give an oral presentation on their master`s thesis, or alternatively, on a research paper that has either been published or has been selected for publishing, in addition to an oral examination.


Laboratory Allocation

In the Deparment of Biological Science, the research field you will pursue in the Doctoral Program (for both the Initial Two-Year Program and Final Three-Year Program) is decided at the same time as passing the entrance exam. Candidates wishing to enter this Department must therefore ensure they have a good understanding of the various laboratories' research before applying, and should not hesitate to acquire as much information as possible by contacting related professors, staff, and graduate students, etc.