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The Allure of Biological Science


For those of you aspiring to pursue your passion for biology and life sciences, welcome to Nagoya University’s School of Science, Department of Biological Science. Here you will find world-class professors, frontline research, and cutting-edge facilities. You’ll immerse yourself in the study of biology, grappling with its intricacies, while mastering the latest advancements in technology and knowledge, and then partake in the thrilling pursuit of unlocking the unanswered mysteries of life. Through this journey, you’ll witness your perception of biology transform into a refined understanding, accompanied by profound insights, which will eventually transcend conventional boundaries.
This is the allure of biological science as a field of study.
For those of you who dream of taking a step into this world by exploring biology at the forefront of research, the Department of Biological Science awaits your arrival.

Our Philosophy


What to expect in the Department of Biological Science

To succeed on a global level, one must possess not only specialized expertise but also a broad base of knowledge, critical thinking abilities, practical skills, and an international mindset. In the Department of Biological Science, you’ll acquire a comprehensive grasp of life sciences by studying a diverse array of advanced disciplines, ranging from genetics to systematics, from cell biology to neuroscience, from biochemistry to mathematics and many more. Through hands-on experiments and tutorials, you’ll refine your practical problem-solving skills and critical-thinking abilities. Moreover, through undertaking a graduation research project, you’ll confront novel phenomena head-on, gaining analytical prowess and experience in advanced techniques. The Department of Biological Science is committed to nurturing individuals equipped with a strong background in fundamental science combined with adept problem-solving skills, who will be ready to excel in any area of work.