Research and teaching laboratories consist of one one-story accommodation buildings of about 349 square meter, one two-story research building of about 621 square meter and one three-story research building of about 660 square meter. A photographic darkroom, a walk-in cold room, a P-2 research room and a room for handling radioisotopes are available. Running seawater and propane gas are available in all laboratories and classrooms. Electricity is 60Hz, 100V. The research areas are well equipped for cellular, genetic, and biochemical studies. The equipment includes a differential interference contrast inverted fluorescence microscope, an all-in-one fluorescence microscope, a fluorescence stereo-microscope, a refrigerated centrifuge, an ultracentrifuge, DNA sequencers, 2 thermal cyclers, 2 gradient thermal cyclers, AKTA-FPLC, a variable image analyzer (Typhoon), nano-LC/MS/MS (LTQ), spectrophotometers including a Nano-drop, a spectrofluorophotometer, air and CO2 incubators, clean benches, microbalances, fraction collectors, deep freezers, micromanipulators, micropipette pullers, many types of electrophoretic apparatus, light capture apparatus, and a scintillation counter. There is no charge for the use of research facilities. Dry ice and liquid nitrogen are available on request. A liquid crystal projector connectable to Windows and Mac computers is also available.

 If you click the following photos or building names, you will see the main rooms and facilities in each building.

Research Building 1


Research Building 2


Dormitory and Guest House