Studying at the Department of Biological Science is about diving deep into the core principles that govern living organisms and understanding life’s processes from the molecular to the organismal level, through the lens of biology and life sciences. However, our mission is not just about uncovering and solving the big unanswered questions. It is equally about having the ability to find new unexplored questions. To see the extraordinary in the ordinary, you will need an open mind, sharp observation skills, and the ability to think creatively, grounded in a broad base of knowledge. We aim to nurture these qualities in our students, encouraging them to lead and innovate on the global stage.

Undergraduate Students Admission Requirements

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Admission Policies

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International Programs (G30 Biology Program) Application Period: December – March, Admission Results: March, Enrollment: October

The G30 Biology Program, part of the International Program at Nagoya University, has applications starting in December, and admissions announced in March. The program commences in October. All courses required for graduation are taught in English. The program is open to students who have been educated abroad or at international schools in Japan. Mainly, that has been international students wishing to come to Japan, Japanese students living overseas, and returnees to Japan, who are proficient in English and have a strong interest in the life sciences. The selection process involves an initial screening of documents followed by an interview, assessing the candidate’s basic academic skills, knowledge in biology, enthusiasm for the sciences, and their ability to express themselves and explain concepts effectively.

For Nagoya University’s admission requirements, please see the following website

Entrance Exam for Foreign Students Application Period:January - February, Admission Results: February, Enrollment: April

This program is tailored for international students to earn credits via lectures delivered in the Japanese language alongside Japanese peers. It caters specifically to those with a keen interest in the life sciences. A candidates’ basic academic competencies are assessed through the Japan Student Services Organization’s (JASSO) Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU), alongside English proficiency evaluations such as TOEFL or IELTS, and a review of their submitted documents. An interview process further examines an applicants’ foundational academic proficiency, understanding of biology, passion for scientific inquiry, and their capacity to express themselves and explain concepts effectively.