Researchers' Community for Child Care Support at Nagoya University


This community is a voluntary network by researchers and teachers at Nagoya University, who raise their children alone.

Nagoya University supports the development of the next generation, by organizing a support system with which both research and work may continue while raising a child.
Raising a child while doing research or teaching is extremely difficult, especially if you have to care your child alone. The aim of this community is to relieve such burden, by sharing detailed information on child care with a person in the same circumstances. We also help each other by caring our children together.
We exchange information on nurseries, baby sitters, and housekeeping-support services as daily users, even before you start your job at Nagoya University. Please contact us if you want to join our community.
Let's find a way to maintain a perfect balance between our work and home lives together!
Contact Address 
 ● Azusa Kamikouchi, PhD (Graduate School of Science)
 ● Hiroko Bannai, PhD (Graduate School of Science)
 ● Miho Tagawa, PhD (Graduate School of Engineering) 
Please do not hesitate to contact us, even before you are applying an academic position in Nagoya University.