Mimicry in a Swallowtail Butterfly
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−The study of butterflies - creatures selected as the types of airiness and frivolity - instead of being despised, will some day be valued as one of the most important branches of biological science−
By Henry Walter Bates after "A Naturalist on the River Amazon" (1876)

MIMICRY NEWS (June 26, 2006)

KWs: mimic, mimetic, mimicry, Batesian mimicry, butterfly, butterflies, swallowtail, Papilio, polytes, evolution, sex-linked
Synonyms: The Common Mormon, "shiro-obi ageha" , "シロオビアゲハ"

Papilio polytes as Mimetic Butterfly : The aim of this server is to provide an online information service regarding Papilio polytes for mimicry researchers.

left: Mimic (form polytes), right: Model (Pachliopta aristolochiae). (leg. Hori: 23 March, 2004, at Kabira, Ishigaki)

The Common Mormon is one of the "Swallowtail" papilionidae species which is widespread in southeast Asia where Citrus (lime, lemon, etc) is grown. In Japan, they can only be found in the Ryukyu Islands, the northern edge of the biogeographical range of this species. The food plants of the caterpillar in the Islands are mainly local rutaceous plants (Sarukake-mikan, Hirami-lemon in Japanese).

The female occurs in two forms (= dimorphic) - form cyrus resembles the male, and form polytes, is a good mimic of the Common Rose (Pachliopta aristolochiae ; Benimon Ageha in Japanese). As the Common Mormon is not impalatable to birds, the female mimics the poisonous Common Rose for protection from its predators.

(left: form cyrus, right: form polytes. Photo by Hori: 23 March, 2004, at Kabira, Ishigaki)

Introduction for Mimicry
Geographical Distribution
Life Cycle
Hybrid Specimens of Papilionoidea Butterflies (Ae collection)
Chemoreception in Butterflies
Genetics and Genomics (Karyotype, Genome Size, Chromosomal Basis of Sex Determination in Butterflies)

list of publication on P. polytes
list of publication on mimicry
list of publication on wing pattern formation
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