G30 for Everyone Fall 2019 (2019年 秋学期)
Studium Generale

An 800-year-old European tradition of the “Open University”
Now at Nagoya University! 

英語の大学講義を お試し受講しませんか?

NEW FROM THIS SEMESTER!! Every Friday (5th period) 16:30-18:00
注目! 今季から毎週金曜日 5時限 午後16:30-18:00

Studium Generale is a series of introductory level lectures in English by Nagoya University faculty members and external speakers. Topics cover any research field, arts, and business.
The main purpose of Studium Generale is to expose students to topics (both academic and non-academic) that are outside of their major of study in an accessible way, as well as to offer practice in listening to lectures in English.
Studium Generale is an Open Course.
Everybody in Nagoya University and Gifu University is welcome to attend any lecture!

Anybody who attends 7 or more lectures may request a Certificate of Completion.
If interested in Certificate, register by November 21st.
See the link at bottom of this page.

Studium Generale is also a ILAS course. To receive credit, register through Nagoya University course portal system and follow the requirements for class attendance and report submission as described in the Studium Generale ILAS syllabus.

名古屋大学の教員たちが、様々なトピックで初心者にも分かりやすく 噛み砕いた講義をやさしい英語で開講します。対象者は皆さんです! 

大学の講義がどのようなものか興味のある方、付属高校生、名大生から 教職員まで、幅広く受講生を募集中です!




OPEN COURSE: October 18th – January 24th
ILAS COURSE: October 4th - January 31st
(全学教育の単位取得登録者は2019年10月4日-1月31日) )

           Every Friday (5th period) 16:30-18:00
           毎週金曜日 5時限 午後16:30-18:00(全15回)
           Attend as many lectures as you want.

   Information on specific lectures can be found at:
If you wish to have a Certificate of Completion, you must register.*
 To register follow the link below. Deadline for registration: November 21st
  Registration 登録

         *All you need to provide is a name and an e-mail address.


Looking forward to seeing you at the lectures!

Contact meidaisg@gmail.com if you have any questions!
問い合わせはmeidaisg@gmail.com にお願いします。

   Videos of specific lectures from previous semesters can be found at:
Nagoya University Open CourseWare